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SCENE Bench System 1220
Industrial Facility
SUI Desk Chair
Raw Edges
BOULEVARD Bench System
MSDS Studio
SUMMIT is humble, prioritising a warm, soft surface, natural shapes and intuitive playfulness without embellishment.
The innovative ‘quarter’ structure is indicative of how far public seating has come, catering as it now does to our need for spaces that encourage focus as much as interaction.
The inviting desk chair is enlivened with a swivel and an embracing wooden surface, creating an intriguing niche with its hybrid, multi-purpose use.
How can we better resonate with the behaviours of our time? The Annual Briefings gather people, as one collective brain, honing single acts—exploring new typologies—as ongoing responses to our evolving public environment.

Designed by Form Us With Love

NEST System Table — a curved communal landmark


Profile Today’s public environments need to be agile and able to match a physical and mental metabolism of the day, in order to stay relevant. At +Halle®, we are convinced that future of furniture lies in spaces that adapt to the behaviour of the people who use them, meaning that the design needs to achieve a synthesis of context, function and performance.

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The Picnic’s generosity negates the need for lots of chairs and tables in an open space and allows for tidiness throughout any environment.

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PICNIC Table 1500 High
Form Us With Love
PICNIC Table 1500 Low
Form Us With Love
PICNIC Table 1800 High
Form Us With Love
PICNIC Table 1800 Low
Form Us With Love
The Nest family by Swedish design studio Form Us With Love responds to the increasing need of furniture progressing our performance and wellbeing in contemporary public spaces.