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TEST | 3daysofdesign 2023: Define—Redefine

Copenhagen, Denmark

+Halle is a brand that represents a new brave generation of manufacturers. Instead of producing furniture that passively exists, we believe that furniture can be a meaningful agent for positive change.
We believe that furniture should have clarity of purpose. This belief informs all of our work as we continue to explore and foster behavioural-led public spaces. Furniture manufacturers often stick to their traditional ways, missing vital alternatives routes that challenge the industry’s status quo.

Courtyard talks on Defining: Redefining

During 3daysofdesign we are welcoming you to our showroom  — in the heart of Copenhagen — where we’ll be exhibiting two new collections and hosting a meeting of minds around the theme of defining public spaces. If you are interested in discussing what makes an engaging public environment, come along to our Courtyard talks, or any of the daily conversations with our designers and creative teams. Look forward to days filled with real conversation, accompanied by a fully fitted kitchen serving breakfast, lunch and small bites created by Noma alumni and co-founder of Psyche Café, Mati Pichci. 


10–12 am
Meet & Greet Industrial Facility: Enabling people to define their own ways 

2–3 pm
Meet & Greet Form Us With Love: Redefining spatial comfort 

3–4 pm
Interview with Industrial Facility: Defining layers of ownership in the public realm


10–12 am
Meet & Greet Form Us With Love: Redefining producing in half-rooms

3–4 pm
Panel talk with Nick Ross and Form Us With Love: Defining a new design approach


10–12 am
Meet & Greet Krøyer-Sætter-Lassen: Redefining tables as multi-coloured sculptures