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BLS Hafnia

Bredgade — Copenhagen, Denmark

Aspekt Office designs interior space for BLS Hafnia, the Copenhagen clothing brand renowned for its minimalist street style. Inspired by the clean and geometrical look of the brand’s collections, Aspekt aimed at creating the perfect framework for b2b meetings, but also a showcase for BLS collections. Thin metal racks in brushed stainless-steel lean against panels of textured aluminium covering the walls, creating a techy look that evokes a simplified, futuristic and confident style. “To us, delving into BLS world means having an understated look, sleek features and some boldness, something our style can totally relate to!” — Steffensen and Hornemann, Aspekt Office.

Showroom vibes08

A grey vinyl layer covers the whole floor surface, highlighting the garments subtly displayed on the rails. Custom pieces include a long table in matte painted oak, conceived for work meetings, and a monolithic shelving display unit for hats and headwear, matching the table.

To contrast the almost monochromatic space, three movable MDF podiums in wisteria-colored glossy varnish serve as additional displays.

Torno designed by Form Us With Love
The Torno chair, stool and round table are designed to enable break-out areas, making it easier to create public amenities by configuring a set of revolving chairs, stools and tables designed by Swedish design studio Form Us With Love.
Aspekt Office is a Copenhagen-based multidisciplinary design studio, specializing in furniture, product, interior design, and creative direction. They strongly believe in the power of conceptual thinking and original ideas. Aspekt Office was founded in November 2018 by Hans Toft Hornemann and Terkel Skou Steffensen.