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Depanneur Deli

Rantzausgade — Copenhagen, Denmark

Since the opening of the first Depanneur at Griffenfeldsgade a few years back, the café-cum-cornerstore has expanded to a number of locations around the city. The latest addition to the mini empire is the newly opened Depanneur deli at Rantzausgade in Copenhagen, and we are proud to be a part of the exterior with our Torno chair for the outdoor seating. We caught up with owner Daniel Rørbæk to talk about the deli, the future, and the wonder of the bagel.

Depanneur hits the right spot between café, deli and bar, and its loyal following of patrons and locals suggests that Depanneur for many is the preferred home away from home. 

What was the initial plan behind Depanneur? 

“For the first Depanneur on Griffenfeldsgade in 2015, we wanted to create a combined kiosk, café and neighborhood bar with lots of regulars. I think we succeeded with a third of our ambitions: We became a lovely watering hole for our thirsty friends and some of the locals.” 

Bagels are a centerpiece at the new Depanneur. Jesper Götz, a renowned Copenhagen baker and founder of Lille Bakery, is in charge of the bagel baking. Up until now it has been hard to come across a really good bagel in Copenhagen, but not anymore. 

But why bagels? 

“Because we love bagels. And because the bagel is a misunderstood item in Denmark and in large parts of Europe. For a while it’s been our ambition to add food to the Depanneur universe, and the bagel is just a good fit. Both because we love great bread in Denmark, but also because Depanneur is heavily inspired by Montreal in Canada where I personally believe you get the best bagels in the world.”

“We’ve always liked the approach to design at +Halle. The Torno chair is perfect for the vibe and style we wanted to create in the new deli. It’s beautiful, simple and built to last.”

Apart from your bagel, what has been the ideas behind the new concept? 

“We wanted the new place in Rantzausgade to become Depanneur 2.0. We have tried to take the coziness and the great vibe from the old Depanneur in Griffenfeldsgade. Added a bakery and a well-curated wine shop. We have spent a lot of money on interior and exterior from some of the most innovative, design-led companies to also make it an aesthetically pleasing experience to visit us. The actual shop, which earlier included everything from canned tomatoes to toilet paper that no-one ever bought, is now reimagined as a design shop. It carries items from all over the world that we believe are cool or interesting. So now it’s not only possible to hang out or get a drink. You can also eat bagels and buy the gift you completely forgot about.” 

Speaking of aesthetics, our chair Torno plays an important role as the chosen chair for the outdoor seating. Why did you go with that option? 

“We’ve always liked the approach to design at +Halle. The Torno chair is perfect for the vibe and style we wanted to create in the new deli. It’s beautiful, simple and built to last. It’s still rare to come across it used as an outdoor chair, and that became a powerful argument in our endeavor to create a place with a unique look and feel.” 

You can visit the new Depanneur at Rantzausgade in Copenhagen. Make sure to get one their bagels made from organic flour from Kornby Mølle, and of course get a chance to sit in a Torno chair in the sun outside.

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Torno designed by Form Us With Love
The Torno chair, stool and round table are designed to enable break-out areas, making it easier to create public amenities by configuring a set of revolving chairs, stools and tables designed by Swedish design studio Form Us With Love.