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Based in Oslo, Paris, Innsbruck, New York, Hong Kong,
Adelaide and San Francisco.
Founded in 1989

A place nobody is from, but anyone can go to.

Famous for social space and porous buildings, this global architectural firm is the worlds best in creating places of connection. Some people have said that what Snøhetta creates is empowerment in the form of social monuments, instead of sculptural monuments, which would refer to the architecture of engagement as opposed to the architecture of formal description.

The firm’s offices are also known for two main features, one is the space for un-programmed activities, large tables for eating together, the other is ‘the model shop’, for power tools and 3d printers, drills etc. Building a lot of prototypes by hands, Snøhetta transcends a sense of non-precious creative ownership. This is precisely why; the annual brief on Sharing is given to the firm.