Corporate offices / +Halle

Corporate offices / +Halle

Setting the tone

The design of a company's headquarters often says a great deal about its identity, and it is crucial to choose the right interior to go with the signal you wish to send, whether the company be a law firm, a creative agency or a bank.

As a company, you want your surroundings to reflect a level of quality, making first impressions rub off on a hopefully longer and fruitful collaboration. It is said, that one shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but in fact, we do so all the time – when we meet new people or encounter new places we've never been before. And there’s a reason for this: Our first impressions are often right. If a restaurant doesn’t maintain clean customer restrooms or a branding agency has a mess of random furniture in its foyer, you can probably expect the same carelessness in the food served or the work performed. Areas of a city covered in graffiti are bound to get even more graffiti, whereas parts of a town with no tags at all, will likely stay that way longer. When we feel that someone made an effort, we care more and make an effort ourselves.

That’s why it is worth it for a company to be deliberate about its location, building and not least the interior design, making sure to create quality spaces around itself.