Interview with busk+hertzog

Interview with busk+hertzog

busk+hertzog on the design process


Feeling good is one of the most fundamental things of human existence. We are happier, better and more productive humans once the framework is in order. Peace and balance open up new opportunities and provide new energy, because our basic needs for feeling secure are satisfied. This is when good ideas or new aspects occur and you move a bit closer to heaven. 

Therefore, at +Halle it is man who is at the center when designing furniture for places where people have the time and space for themselves and others. Space for immersion and being together whether it be work or pleasure. We call it Creating Human Spaces. A furniture concept that cuts to the bone with regard to several basic human needs in professional and private environments. Therefore, it is also human needs in a new digital world that occupy all our designers – such as busk+hertzog. They create designs that relate to people by adding value to those who use it, and thus the design become part of a greater whole.

- Together with architecture and technology our furniture and products are meant to create a framework and an environment where people feel like humans and are able to relax, concentrate or be entertained and work in the best possible way. Therefore, the concept ‘Creating Human Spaces’ is an important reminder to us to reflect on what we do. At the same time, it helps us maintain the overall idea that we create furniture and products that are part of a larger context, says Stephan Hertzog. 

Moreover, since the millennium the technological development has seriously changed the way we work and communicate, he stresses. Both professionally and privately. Earlier, our workplaces and our homes were decorated according to their function. There was a room for dining, a room for watching television and another room to sleep in. The same applied to the workplace which similarly had a space to work in, a room for lunch and a room for meetings.

- The functional limits are now much more fluid, and the furniture is used in many different contexts, because we eat, attend meetings, relax, talk to colleagues and work together all in one room. Therefore, our spaces should be designed in a different and more flexible way and the same applies to the furniture, he continues.

Consequently, in busk+hertzog’s universe, it is also fundamental to look at the overall context in which their design is incorporated every time they sit down at the drawing board. Because it is a natural and integral fundamental part of the process to incorporate the behavioral patterns of users in, for instance, the public spheres. In that way, function, aesthetics and other values meet at a higher level, be it professionally or socially. And therefore the piece of furniture, Shelter, is created based on the idea that sometimes man needs a private room in a public space. A place to find peace, a private space, a place for conversations or an important e-mail. A cozy and inviting place with time and space - to be human.