Lars Larsen about Ø

Lars Larsen about Ø

What is the main idea behind Ø? 

Ø is the Scandinavian word for island. It's a space centered around human activity designed to meet the flexible requirements of daily use in modern soft contract environments. 

Ø is accessible from all sides and it creates a space to rest or hangout. It is intended for the breaks in your daily routine and encourages relaxed conversations in an informal setting. It's a series of small islands that works as individual modules or interlock with a back rest to create bigger formations - depending on the needs of the space. 


Why is it relevant in today’s public environments?

Basically, it's about creating that special hangout area that feels integrated, inviting and accessible while carrying a strong design story. Environments where people wait or work necessitate flexible solutions that meet the demands of modern use and interaction. Ø provides a diverse range of user options and presents a strong character based on a simple concept. In a subtle way, Ø adds value to any public environment and not only from a practical perspective.


How did +Halle’s concept Creating Human Spaces influence the design process?

It's a strong payoff and, speaking as as a designer, a good take off to accompany the brief. It puts the user in focus and provides a good platform to design around. On a more abstract level, this has defined the idea and on practical level it has defined the shape.


Why is Ø good design?

Ø is a good idea that suits its purpose. To me, that's good design. It bridges ideas from different worlds, and turns an abstract idea into something tangible. Additionally, it's a simple idea designed to last both aesthetically and quality-wise. 


What was the main challenge during the design process?   

Defining what a human space is. This is still a young payoff for +Halle and being part of defining this space is interesting. The challenge here is on one hand answering on a creative level, and on the other having the corporate business in mind - creating a design that can perform for the user and create revenue for +Halle.