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Published 22.04.2022

3 Days of Design — Featuring a design panel with BIG, Form Us With Love and Raw Edges

Hosted at a brand-new showroom, +Halle invites you to a three-day open programme during 3 Days of Design in Copenhagen from 15—17 June: featuring a design panel with BIG, Form Us With Love and Raw Edges on Wednesday the 15th of June at 16.00.

Design Panel with BIG, Form Us With Love and Raw Edges — Wednesday the 15th of June at 17.00

Introducing the Annual Briefing and this year’s theme of producing. On Wednesday, a panel of designers and architects from BIG, Form Us With Love and Raw Edges will tell us about their experience of the briefing, about working together, and the challenges of producing in today’s public realm.

Programme: 3 Days of Design

For three days in June, we open our doors to our ever-evolving showroom space housed in a historic building in the old town of Copenhagen. As eager hosts with a fondness for open spaces, we welcome you to three days of dialogue, gatherings and new design installations. Equipped with a fully fitted kitchen, food is served throughout the day, and drinks are kept on the cool for that refreshing glass on the terrace.

09.00 Coffee, tea and a clear head

Every morning at Kattesundet starts with an open breakfast and a chance for you to immerse yourself in a fresh take on public furniture, right before the start of a bustling day. We encourage you to come by and enjoy the best Danish pastries in town (brought to us by the fantastic Nørrebro institution, Rondo), whilst planning your route, reading up on the latest news and checking those most important incoming tasks. Our latest collections based on Dwelling, Sharing and Producing are installed, and ready to deliver an enjoyable start to your day.

From 12.00 Organic farming and a new take on seating

At lunch, we gather for a taste of organic farming, sustainability and non-compromising quality, while discussing what’s next in public furniture. We would love for you to come by to share a local bite (prepared by the innovative and wonderful chefs at Gaarden & Gaden) 

in a communal, informal, setting. Among well-stacked shelves with new ideas on display, the launch of the hybrid seat SUI, and a fresh line-up of furniture archetypes ready to be tried out, we have plenty of room to inspire while indulging in that wholesome, tasty, open sandwich.

From 15.00 Aperitivo and fresh learnings

In the afternoon we will turn our attention to perfectly cooled natural wine, and our favourite local hoppy beer, to accompany debates and discussions around new methods of working.

The evenings end with the sounds of the contemporary music scene from the city, for those who would like to come together and share their findings from the Design days, meet new friends on the terrace or perhaps have a dance in our kitchen. We look forward to seeing you in Copenhagen!