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Nest High System Table


Fenix laminate/Oak veneer / MDF / Steel / POM

Height: 1000mm / Length: from 2100mm / Width: from 1400mm / Footrest Height: 325mm

Height: 39.4" / Length: from 82.7" / Width: from 55.1" / Footrest Height: 12.8"

Form Us With Love


All +Halle products are made according to the highest Danish environmental standards. The wood is grown with respect for the land, and the metal parts are manufactured from 99% recyclable steel. All foam and fabric are developed and tested with compliance to Scandinavian standards. Our factories also take great pride in following the Danish working environment act, reassuring all artisans being happy and safe at all times.


Form Us With Love, is an international design studio founded in 2005. Since its the conception, studio has burned with a passion.

Description The Nest System Tables, a distinguished modular table solution configured to turn and bend, was the first modular extension to the popular +Halle Nest series. The collection of high and low sofas, chairs and tables is loved by many for its mix of casual and productive behaviours—above all its adaptable to change. From the series use in public spaces comes a new set of behavioural learnings: insisting on a high worktop, individual space, and a sense of scale. With two heights and two widths, the Nest System Table collection continues to evolve in terms of adaptability, scalability and opportunities.

Form Us With Love
Form Us With Love, is an international design studio founded in 2005. Since its conception, the studio has burned with a passion for design and its democratic potential. Its belief is that we all have a right to meaningful design.


All +Halle products can be made to fit your needs, when it comes to colours and fabrics.