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Ø System


Height: from 820mm / Length: from 1630mm / Width: from 1350mm / Seat Height: 420mm

Height: from 32.3" / Length: from 64.2" / Width: from 53.1" / Seat Height: 16.5"

Kilo Design


All +Halle products are made according to the highest Danish environmental standards. The wood is grown with respect for the land, and the metal parts are manufactured from 99% recyclable steel. All foam and fabric are developed and tested with compliance to Scandinavian standards. Our factories also take great pride in following the Danish working environment act, reassuring all artisans being happy and safe at all times.

Description Ø is a human-centered bench system designed to meet the flexible requirements of daily use in modern soft contract environments. A series of small islands that work as individual modules or interlock with two different upholstered back rests to create larger and different formations to suit the needs of your space. The organic shapes and multiple options create warm, welcoming and human seating areas. Ø is accessible from all sides, creating a space to socialize or work collaboratively in a diverse and informal setting. Available in a wide range of textiles and leather types.


Kilo Design
Kilo was founded in 2005 and is today among Scandinavia’s most influential design studios. Kilo is an idea-driven industrial design Studio creating with a holistic approach and often exploring the potential of crossbreeding elements or attributes from different disciplines in to new functional and aesthetic hybrids. Kilo is internationally recognized and has earned a reputation for delivering world class design and innovation for clients no matter size – from start ups to corporate organizations.


All +Halle products can be made to fit your needs, when it comes to colours and fabrics.