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OPUS High Back Chair w. Table


Solid oak / Aluminium / Foam / Steel / PA

Height: 1450mm / Length: 1030mm / Width: 820mm / Seat Height: 430mm

Height: 57.1" / Length: 40.6" / Width: 32.3" / Seat Height: 16.9"

Form Us With Love

L2: Extreme Use

Our footprint

All +Halle® products are made according to the highest Danish environmental standards. The wood is grown with respect for the land. The metal parts are manufactured from 99% recyclable steel. All foam and fabric are developed and tested with compliance to Scandinavian standards. Our factories also take great pride in following the Danish working environment act, reassuring all artisans being happy and safe at all times.

Description The Opus collection exists in the vein of the great mid-century classics, a pared-back club chair that uses the bare minimum to create a personal sphere, a neat hybrid system of seats designed by Swedish design studio Form Us With Love in collaboration with Danish design brand +Halle. Spread across three seats, the series has two widths: a dining and an armchair, which comes with a high backrest. The idea of using lightweight metal frames to hold the seat and backrest gives you a sense of seclusion yet provides an open interior.

The Opus Family04

OPUS Chair
Form Us With Love
OPUS High Back Chair
Form Us With Love
OPUS Lounge Chair
Form Us With Love
OPUS High Back Chair w. Table
Form Us With Love


A hybrid purpose

For public environments built without a lot of table room, the Opus, with its embracing silhouette, have devised a hybrid purpose. The Opus High Back Chair with Table is the smart, sound isolated, club chair that provides a generous place to work or reflect in peace, while at the same time saving on the spatial footprint.

Sound isolated

When you start reducing, in the realm of sound-absorbing qualities the category becomes very interesting. “I think the industry at large has been ambivalent towards the cry for personal space, which has resulted in thick and bulky solutions, with Opus we are challenging that status quo,” says Martin Halle, Creative Director at +Halle.

The table

Those who are after a spot to scribble thoughts in a notebook, or a tablet at hand, might want to take a seat behind the neat, tactile, soap-tinted oak table, perfect for staying on top of things or taking a well-deserved break, with a beverage of choice.

A personal sphere

‘Today, we see a lot of heavy seats trying to provide for privacy, with Opus we are using thin screens and bent steel, striving for lightness,’ Löfgren adds.

While renowned for an explorative process, this Swedish studio delivers minimal and improved solutions for everyday objects.


All +Halle products can be made to fit your needs, when it comes to colours and fabrics.