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TORNO Stool Upholstered Seat



Height: 470mm / Length: 500mm / Width: 500mm / Seat Height: 470mm

Height: 18.5" / Length: 19.7" / Width: 19.7" / Seat Height: 18.5"

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Our footprint

All +Halle® products are made according to the highest Danish environmental standards. The wood is grown with respect for the land. The metal parts are manufactured from 99% recyclable steel. All foam and fabric are developed and tested with compliance to Scandinavian standards. Our factories also take great pride in following the Danish working environment act, reassuring all artisans being happy and safe at all times.

Description The guiding theme for the Torno series is the mobility. Simple, effortless and without snobbery, the series offers aluminium chairs and tables that are easy to adjust to individual needs. With chairs designed in open configurations, the collection supports self-determined lives, giving the user a range of options for exploiting how they would like to sit—providing a good seating experience, in any airport, café, park or studio.

The Torno Family07

TORNO Chair Upholstered Back
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TORNO Chair Upholstered Full
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TORNO Chair Upholstered Seat
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TORNO Stool Upholstered Seat
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Torno features03

Indoor and outdoor possibilities

The Torno chair, stool and small round table have indoor and outdoor possibilities and come in three standard variations: Black (powder coat), Pine Green (powder coat) and raw aluminium. Custom colours are also available.

Optional upholstery

Choose the raw aluminium chair or stool, or add upholstery to the seat, the back, or both for maximum comfort.


The utility aspects of the Torno series come as a result of several years of research into the typology of public seating, engaging the user to become an active part of any environment

Torno family in use22

&Drape Showroom

BLS Hafnia B2B Showroom Copenhagen

Depanneur Copenhagen

Landskrona Art Museums, Sweden

While renowned for an explorative process, this Swedish studio delivers minimal and improved solutions for everyday objects.


All +Halle products can be made to fit your needs, when it comes to colours and fabrics.